First baby arrived Christmas day 2015! More coming first part of Feb!

About us:                                                                               2/15/16

I have always wanted to have a farm of my own, we started out with just 2 Nigerians; we now reside with 13!  I didn't have the intentions of breeding, but once I got a couple does and one of our does kidded for the first time, I thought this is something I'd like to get into and learn more about! Plus having goats is very addicting. There's so many different colors, patterns and great dairy aspects you can get with the Nigerians.  We currently have 3 bucks and 10 does. We are pretty new at it, so I'm still learning the ropes of raising healthy, correct and friendly animals. My 2 children are just getting at the ages where having a hobby farm is very entertaining and fun. My daughter is 9, so she is starting to be of great help. My son 6 and mainly enjoys chasing the goats around, playing with the babies, and giving them a treat. I take a lot of pride in my animals and take very seriously the care that is provided for them at their new home. The main treatment of animals is paramount with ALL new owners! I do my absolute best in providing the best care possible with all my animals. They are all very spoiled! My future plan is to make goats milk soap. I have all the equipment and ingredients, I just need the time and dedication!


We have 4 dogs, 4 cats, in which 2 are the most adorable Doll face persians! We hope to have babies in the future. We also raise Holland lop rabbits with a couple new  litters born each year. Our newest addition is 2 mini Julian pigs. They bring many smiles to our day!

Herd Managment

 All of our goats that will be used for breeding are registered with ADGA. They are all  fed a alfalfa/grass hay, Purina Mills goat minerals and baking soda free of choice. Pregnant does are given BOSS to help with milk production. They also get Purina goat chow mix when the winter months arrive since  there isn't as much for them to browse upon during that time, and fresh water brought to them twice a day.  They are all wormed in the spring and fall with Valbazen or Ivomec, which has worked very well. At 4 days old bucklings will be disbudded, and the doelings will be done at 12-14 days old.  Kids are vaccinated with CD&T at four weeks of age and then a booster at eight weeks. The rest of the herd is vaccinated once every spring. Pregnant does will be vaccinated four weeks prior to kidding. All my goats came from health tested herds, most of them are at the age (one year of age and older)  where I would like to get the CAE test done as a preventative measure. That will be done Spring or Summer of 2013.(All does are done, just waiting to do the boys).

 I'm just starting to get my facebook page underway. I will start posting more news via facebook as well!